Your business is not 100% of your client's business

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When I worked in advertising, we were always really pissed when we had to turn work around really quickly but the approval seemed to take forever.

When I left advertising I realised why this was so: your business represents a tiny fraction of your client's "shit I need to get done today" list.

Don't be shocked when you lose their business if you are continually pushing them to buy something 'award winning', ignoring their brief, not being on strategy ("because it's boring"), missing deadlines.

And don't be even more shocked when out of the blue, your client has done work which is fairly pedestrian with no cut-through. But does the job.

Your ex-client has probably started working with people who just make their lives easier.

And these 'non-creative' people will suddenly start getting more work from your ex-client.

And then, because working with those guys is easy and they're trusted, suddenly great award winning work starts coming from your ex-client.